All new Daihatsu Sirion AT vs Suzuki Ignis GX AGS

By | 1 Maret 2018

Newcomer metropolis automobile against stars remaining year. New Daihatsu Sirion against Suzuki Ignis. each has a factor that have become a mainstay. who is advanced when each pitted specs and completeness? This comparisons the specs of Sirion as opposed to Ignis. To make it less complicated we take the second one highest version of the automobile.


when deciding on between the 2 with a mere charge reference, Ignis is superior. The fee of all new Daihatsu Sirion is obtainable Rp 193.five for computerized transmission and Rp 182.5 million with manual transmission. rate of Suzuki Ignis is cheaper. The maximum pricey Rp a hundred seventy five.five million for the AGS GX version. Many factors can form a price, eg exceptional and completeness of features. Sirion features extra and might outperform Ignis, despite the fact that the fee is distinctive almost USD 20 million.


All dimensions have been received Sirion with 3,895 x 1,735 x 1,525 mm (PxLxT). whilst Ignis have a length of 3700 x 1690 x 1595 mm. the gap of the Sirion axle is also longer, 2.500mm, at the same time as the two,435mm Ignis. it’s why Sirion has a much extra spacious cabin than Ignis. Medium Ignis superiority on ground clearance, a hundred and eighty mm, which approached the SUV. Sirion distance from soil surface a hundred and fifty mm.

performance & design

Sirion’s updated mechanical coronary heart, a 1.3 liter VVT-i dual-power four-cylinder engine with 95 playstation and a hundred and twenty Nm of torque. The output is added to the front-wheel force by means of a 4-speed automated transmission. Suzuki Ignis sporting a 1.2-liter engine with eighty three playstation electricity and peak torque of 113 Nm is channeled via a five-pace AGS (semi-automatic AMT) transmission. From the overall performance, Sirion lower back advanced with extra energy and automated transmission.

each target the teens marketplace. but every design is extraordinary. Sirion is a regular compact hatchback and there’s a Toyota language design language Toyota / Daihatsu. while Ignis appear greater ambitious with the design breakthrough results in the crossover SUV. both Sirion and Ignis also have room to regulate. region under Sirion and Ignis wear 15 inch rims but exceptional sizes of tires.


problem Sirion superior capabilities because further to extra recent, stock weaponry is also considerable. Sirion has LED lighting fixtures with observe me home function and may be adjusted the peak of the spotlight. front and rear wiper supported sensors, 6.2-inch infotainment, twin sector digital air con, engine start / prevent button and audio / telephon manipulate from the guidance wheel. Suzuki Ignis GX has LED lighting, roof rails, automatic air con and audio controls on the guidance wheel. wellknown infotainment is still preferred 2DIN however can already related Bluetooth.

safety Sirion capabilities are also advanced. in addition to 2 front air luggage, Sirion is geared up with ABS + EBD brakes, vehicle balance control and traction manipulate, stabilizer, reverse parking digicam and rear parking front sensor. Ignis has airbags and an ABS + EB brake with out stability and traction manipulate.