All New Daihatsu Sirion AT VS Honda Brio RS CVT

New Daihatsu Sirion has been slid and right now sold. that means, Sirion directly defied the players again within the elegance city car engined less than 1,500 cc. one of the favorites in that phase is the Honda Brio. What kind of assessment All New Daihatsu Sirion towards Honda Brio? We adu the second highest… Read More »

All new Daihatsu Sirion AT vs Suzuki Ignis GX AGS

Newcomer metropolis automobile against stars remaining year. New Daihatsu Sirion against Suzuki Ignis. each has a factor that have become a mainstay. who is advanced when each pitted specs and completeness? This comparisons the specs of Sirion as opposed to Ignis. To make it less complicated we take the second one highest version of the… Read More »

Evaluation Daihatsu Sirion antique and New

Seeing the 1/3 generation Perodua Myvi that glided in Malaysia some months ago, merits appreciation of the layout changes and capabilities are abundant. In stark evaluation to previous generations which can be very boring and minimum capabilities. in the long run, the state-of-the-art version became stopped in the Indonesian marketplace. appropriate appointment, Myvi just rebadged… Read More »

If Tax Sedan down, could Daihatsu promote Sedan?

The authorities is planning to revise the income Tax guidelines on luxurious goods (PPnBM) inside the car enterprise. changes within the sale tax of the sedan have become the focus of the revision. Later, the charge of the sedan is extra low-priced and the tax is equated with MPV or SUV products. expected with the… Read More »

5 extra Daihatsu Sirion 2018

Daihatsu Sirion ultimately changed era Tuesday (13/02) the day gone by. lots of latest matters, that is for certain. but did you already know, this car original layout Malaysia without interference Daihatsu? check out the advantages of this Nissan March contender. The preceding Sirion generation used a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine made by means of Daihatsu,… Read More »

trouble New Xenia, This Daihatsu word

Daihatsu constructive low Multi purpose automobile (MPV) which they market, Xenia, nevertheless bought in Indonesia. even though nowadays, diverse new merchandise invade such as Wuling Confero and Mitsubishi Xpander with numerous advantages. however, Daihatsu additionally did no longer live silent. Reportedly, they are preparing a new generation of Xenia, that’s currently beneath improvement. related to… Read More »

New float, Daihatsu Sirion Direct cut price

Daihatsu formally introduced the brand new Sirion. cars imported intact from Malaysia, right away give reductions up to Rp 5 million for folks who are fascinated. that is a promo introduction Sirion which happened in one mall inside the region of South Jakarta. “PT Astra worldwide Daihatsu income Operation (AI-DSO) as a distributor of Daihatsu… Read More »

recommended SUV Former magnificence For Daihatsu Terios

as compared to Toyota Rush, Daihatsu Terios greater seductive charge with completeness no longer plenty exceptional. Like other Toyota-Daihatsu collaboration product behavior, Daihatsu prices are usually inexpensive with a huge range. So targeting the marketplace phase slightly one of a kind than Toyota. So, if the finances is mediocre and want a brand new SUV,… Read More »

All New Daihatsu Sirion AT VS Honda Brio RS CVT

New Daihatsu Sirion has been slid and right away bought. which means, Sirion without delay defied the players again in the magnificence metropolis car engined much less than 1,500 cc. one of the favorites in that section is the Honda Brio. What sort of comparison All New Daihatsu Sirion towards Honda Brio? We adu the… Read More »

Karena ini pembelian barang niaga Daihatsu Ayla!

Intinya, LCGC adalah mobil yang dibangun dengan biaya rendah sehingga harga jualnya pun murah. Bersamaan dengan itu, hemat bahan bakar sebagai tujuan Green Car. Dengan kisaran harga mulai dari Rp 90 juta sampai Rp 150 juta, tentu saja jangan berharap lebih banyak tentang kemewahan dan kualitas yang dilakukan oleh LCGC. Ayla kembar Agya Ternyata, di… Read More »