Astra group performance Down, Mitsubishi Xpander and Wuling effects?

Indonesia’s biggest automobile group, Astra international, released their performance during 2017. This records attaches the income performance (wholesales) to the automobile line under the huge name. Uniquely, amid the boom in sales ultimate yr, they truly reduced. In 2017, Astra simplest managed to incised income of 579,114 devices with a total marketplace proportion of 54%.… Read More »

Evaluation Daihatsu Sirion antique and New

Seeing the 1/3 generation Perodua Myvi that glided in Malaysia some months ago, merits appreciation of the layout changes and capabilities are abundant. In stark evaluation to previous generations which can be very boring and minimum capabilities. in the long run, the state-of-the-art version became stopped in the Indonesian marketplace. appropriate appointment, Myvi just rebadged… Read More »

If Tax Sedan down, could Daihatsu promote Sedan?

The authorities is planning to revise the income Tax guidelines on luxurious goods (PPnBM) inside the car enterprise. changes within the sale tax of the sedan have become the focus of the revision. Later, the charge of the sedan is extra low-priced and the tax is equated with MPV or SUV products. expected with the… Read More »

trouble New Xenia, This Daihatsu word

Daihatsu constructive low Multi purpose automobile (MPV) which they market, Xenia, nevertheless bought in Indonesia. even though nowadays, diverse new merchandise invade such as Wuling Confero and Mitsubishi Xpander with numerous advantages. however, Daihatsu additionally did no longer live silent. Reportedly, they are preparing a new generation of Xenia, that’s currently beneath improvement. related to… Read More »

New float, Daihatsu Sirion Direct cut price

Daihatsu formally introduced the brand new Sirion. cars imported intact from Malaysia, right away give reductions up to Rp 5 million for folks who are fascinated. that is a promo introduction Sirion which happened in one mall inside the region of South Jakarta. “PT Astra worldwide Daihatsu income Operation (AI-DSO) as a distributor of Daihatsu… Read More »

Fitur Mengulik Daihatsu Ayla 1.2

Persaingan yang semakin ketat di segmen Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), membuat Daihatsu harus melakukan perbaikan pada Ayla sehingga posisinya tidak terancam. Kelahiran Daihatsu Sigra yang beruang mesin 1,2 liter baru 4-silinder ini berpaling jalan untuk varian mesin yang lebih besar di Ayla. Penambahan fitur juga perlu dilakukan karena saingan terdekatnya, Honda Brio Satya, memiliki… Read More »

Mitsubishi Xpander Hadir, Daihatsu Xenia Still Lines

Pasalnya, mobil yang memiliki tiga berlian itu, menawarkan hal yang berbeda dibanding model mayoritas. Meski begitu salah satu pesaingnya, Daihatsu Xenia masih berhasil meningkatkan penjualan. “Penjualan Daihatsu terus meningkat meski perlahan tapi pasti. Hal ini terbukti, Daihatsu diterima dan dianggap sebagai sahabat terbaik,” kata Amelia Tjandra, Direktur Pemasaran PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, dalam siaran pers… Read More »

Daihatsu income file

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) stated first-region income in 2018. Their retail income reached 15,896 devices. Bestselling is LCGC, Daihatsu Sigra. This 7-passenger automobile, sold 3,982 units in January. the second one rank changed into occupied Gran Max pickup which offered three,299 gadgets. furthermore there may be Low MPV dual Toyota Avanza, Xenia with the… Read More »

Suzuki Prepares New merchandise From Indonesia To the world

Indonesia have become one of the vital markets for Suzuki. In reality, they recollect Indonesia because the 0.33 pillar after Japan and India in phrases of manufacturing and advertising. For that, Suzuki is getting ready a new car that they’ll release in 2019. that is disclosed standard supervisor of PT Indomobil Motor Strategic making plans… Read More »