Complete assessment of new Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz

that is the most up to date intermediate conflict: Toyota Yaris towards Honda Jazz. Yaris has just been refreshed with a tremendous growth. Jazz final yr facelift mild. need to pick out a new Yaris or Jazz? concentrate first assessment of the very best variation variations of each contestants. price and Dimensions The charge of… Read More »

Honda HR-V 2018 launches mid-February

After leaked brochures circulated, now confirmed Honda HR-V 2018 slide 15 February in Japan. Honda officially unveiled the HR-V sheath (or named Vezel in Japan) via an professional photo they are exploring in our on-line world. As said earlier than, the changes are minor and can be seen immediately at the face. The the front… Read More »

is that this The cutting-edge Honda Brio era?

Honda cars India launches 2d era Amaze at India auto Expo 2018. if you do no longer realize but, Honda Amaze is a small sedan this is designed specially Indian marketplace and uses Honda Brio as the principle base. In different words, Amaze is a sedan version of Brio. So it is able to be… Read More »

Honda introduces new Odyssey March 1 Later?

Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) brought this new product March 1st. just get there reliable word, via invitation sent to the editor. As ordinary, we went to the Honda dealership. alas, we handiest get the records, “there’s a Honda facelift that is 2.4 liter engine.” which means, if not Odyssey, sure Accord. Given the Honda Accord… Read More »

Honda HR-V 1.8L: Mengejar Kinerja Dan Prestise

Dengan platform Honda Jazz, HR-V sudah mumpuni. Dua pilihan mesin, kabin dengan pengaturan kursi yang fleksibel, serta fitur bawaan bawaan, membuatnya lebih unggul dari pesaingnya. Tapi yang menarik perhatian, mesin HR-V 1,8 liter. Hanya saja dia dilengkapi dengan mesin seukuran ini di kelasnya. Carrying Prestige dan varian Mugen, kasta tertinggi di lineup Honda, jika tidak… Read More »

Pilih Daihatsu Ayla atau Honda Brio Satya?

Seperti yang terjadi pada Daihatsu Ayla dan Honda Brio Satya. Pertama kali Ayla diluncurkan, fitur keselamatan dan keamanan sangat minim. Namun dalam versi facelift, telah meningkat pada kualitas berkendara dan banyak fitur baru. Honda Brio Satya juga. Awalnya tidak memiliki varian transmisi otomatis. Satwa baru Brio Satya yang meluncur tahun lalu, mendapat muka depan berubah… Read More »

It’s the vintage and New Yaris distinction

Toyota New Yaris slid with many differences as compared to the vintage version. starting from a clean appearance until more features can be found on the new Yaris. Curious approximately the distinction among the brand new Yaris vs the vintage Yaris? it is clear that the new Yaris layout language is converting. despite the fact… Read More »

New Toyota Corolla prepared to be discovered in Geneva

sales space Toyota appears to be the middle of interest of site visitors to the Geneva Motor show 2018 which occurred early subsequent month. Why, this eastern manufacturer introduced some new merchandise, a new technology Supra. further, Toyota will also introduce a brand new generation Corolla-style hatchback. it’s exciting. Updates made on a car called… Read More »

Mugen RC20GT: modified type R invites Controversy

Mugen modification house is used to mengoprek Civic kind R before. contact of overall performance enhancer through body kit, also given Mugen. This time a little exclusive, Mugen overhaul many bodies Civic type R FK8. His face changed absolutely, as a result attracting a whole lot of lovers attention. not a few who say, the… Read More »